Braces for Adults

Braces For Adults


Many adults are now getting Orthodontics. In fact one recent estimate placed the figure at nearly one third.
There is a perception that Orthodontics does not work or is not possible in adults. We often hear patients say ‘I am too old to get braces’. This is absolutely not the case and many adults are now benefitting from the many advantages of having straight teeth and a healthy bite at Glasnevin Orthodontics.
The many advantages of Orthodontics for the adult include:

  • A beautiful smile – thus smiling more and for longer!
  • More self confidence
  • Less difficulties with biting and chewing
  • Better oral hygiene because straight teeth are easier to clean and brush
  • Decreased likelihood of tooth injury.

Today, Orthodontic appliances have been greatly adapted to be more convenient for the adult. This includes:

  • Appliances are generally smaller and overall less prominent.
  • Ceramic and clear fixed braces which are less obvious
  • Invisible (Invisilign) braces which are clear and can be removed.
  • Lingual braces which are worn on the back of the upper and lower teeth and are thus not at all visible.

During the assessment, the Orthodontist will pay special attention to the general condition of the adult’s teeth and gums to ensure they are of a suitable standard of health to obtain Orthodontics. He will check for gum disease, oral hygiene, active tooth decay and the general condition of the teeth.


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