Corrective Jaw Surgery


Whilst the vast majority of patients only require treatment of the teeth, some patients do present at the practice requiring treatment of the jaws and the teeth. They may or may not be aware of the jaw discrepancy.
During the assessment/consultation appointment the Orthodontist will advise if Orthognathic Jaw Surgery is required. Generally, orthognathic surgery is required to correct significant discrepancies in the jaw in the ADULT patient. If there are significant jaw discrepepancies in the growing child/teenager, they can often be corrected because facial growth is ongoing at this age.

The Orthognathic surgery is carried out by an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon and involves restructuring of the maxilla (upper jaw); the mandible (lower jaw) or both.

The patient who decides to undergo Orthognathic jaw surgery requires Orthodontic treatment also – Fixed appliances are placed for several months before the surgery, during the surgery and are then removed several months after the surgery. The Orthodontics is exactly the same as the patient undergoing braces only. They have an assessment, X Rays, impressions and have to wear retainers after the brace is removed.

The Orthognathic surgery requires a general anaesthetic and significant aftercare.

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