Braces for Children

Braces For Children


Today, children generally are very comfortable with the idea of getting braces. There may be some concern about the placement of the brace – but rest assured there is NO tenderness during this appointment at all.

Adults and children alike benefit from Orthodontics but treatment does work more quickly in kids as they are growing thus facilitating tooth movement.

What is involved when my child gets braces?

Firstly, the Orthodontist will meet you in the surgery upstairs and talk about your concerns with your teeth. He will then take photographs of the dentition and carry out an assessment of the teeth and the bite. Records then have to be taken and this includes one dental Xray and impressions /moulds of the teeth and bite – this involves a small tray with impression putty in the mouth to create study models of the teeth. With these records, the Orthodontist can then make a detailed plan of the diagnosis and treatment plan for your child. The Xray is carried out downstairs using our state of the art Digital Xray machine.

Getting the braces placed on the teeth is a very straightforward process – A PACK is given to each patient at this appointment which has brushes, mouthwashes, wax etc etc for your use. We will show you how to brush your teeth and advice on caring for teeth and brace will be given.

Fixed Braces

Often ‘fixed appliances’ are recommended and these are ‘stuck’ to the teeth. We use these braces because they move the teeth in a very controlled 3 dimensional fashion; because you can obtain a very high standard of finish; and they cannot be removed thus generally they work more quickly.
The fixed appliances are silver, ceramic or clear – the latter two types are less noticeable. For more information on the types of braces available at our Dublin Orthodontic Clinic, please visit our Types of Braces page.

Removable Braces

Removable appliances/braces are used in children who have more ‘severe bites’ for a period of time before the fixed (train-track) braces are placed. An example is the Twin Block functional appliance – At Glasnevin Orthodontics there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for these. The Twin Block appliance is a functional appliance which harnesses growth in the growing child to move the teeth en masse and correct the bite. For example if the lower jaw is set back from the upper jaw this can be corrected as well as straightening the teeth. There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for this stage of treatment.


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